Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Goa Gil Pre-Sale Ticket Link


Please allow me to make your life easier. 

WHAT: Goa Gil
WHEN: Memorial Day Weekend
WHERE: near Middletown, CA. 
WHY: Because it is Love.
WANT to get involved? We are having a production meeting on Friday May 10th. Contact me, or comment on this post if you are interested in attending. Our meetings are always open! 

You might be wondering...what is a Production Meeting anyway? 
Pretty simple actually....this is when we decide all the important aspects of how to put the party together. 
The bigger and more interesting questions are...
(please comment freely) 
What sound system should we use?
Should we hire a deco person (Neil Gibsons' art will be around, and its pretty special)? 
What about vending? (obviously, we love us Ultra Crepes, but we have also had some interest from Lydia's Organics). 
Will we be hiring High Rock Security again? (um...the answer is HELL YES because it makes my life easier. HOWEVER, we did have complaints about people's interaction with High Rock. PLEASE PLEASE tell me about your experience so we can make an educated decision)
What about Cosmic Care? We generally hire someone really amazing to do Cosmic Care, but we have been thinking about just getting a High Rock medic. Should we do that? Should we try to swing both? 

Well......that is a summary of some of the things that I have been pondering lately.....

get your pre-sales below.

(haha just kidding. pre oomplop activation is finished)

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