Outdoor Events: How To

This section will let you know everything you need to know

to have a great time!

At any outdoor camp out style music event! 

Just follow these simple rules!!

RULE 00. SAFETY FIRST!!!!!!! YOU and only YOU are responsible for your well being. BE SAFE. Wear shoes that let you roam around on the mountain tops without spraining an ankle. Bring enough warm clothes so you dont freeze at night. KEEP HYDRATED and make sure you eat enough food! Bring a flashlight!! And if anything happens, ASK FOR HELP!! High Rock Security and Medics are usually on site by 11pm Saturday. 

1. Be Self Sufficient: You will be camping outdoors for a few days. Bring everything you need including: tent, bedding, food and water. Make sure you have enough water for drinking (recommended 2 liters a day) and for washing your dishes and yourself!
If you want to drink some hot tea/coffee and eat hot food, then your going to need a camping stove, which can NEVER go on the ground. Keep it elevated with a camping table!

2. Be Comfortable. You can sleep in a tent, on the ground, in your sleeping bag, but you wont be too comfy. Bring some mats to put under your tent. You can get really cheap floor squares at REI. Get a little rug to put out in front of your tent. And some shade for when it's sunny. You can also get a pretty cheap propane tent heater from REI *use responsibly* for the chilly night times. 

3. Plan for all kinds of weather. A good plan of attack is, plan like you are going to Burning Man. Extreme heat during the day and cold at night.
Also plan for strong winds (stake EVERYTHING down).
And rain (bring a few tarps).
You never know, so you best be prepared!!!

Bring a ton of trash bags.
Set them up when you arrive so you have trash, recycling, and compost.
and, if you smoke,
please bring a portable trash bin for your stubs (a mint tin works well)
Make sure you have strong bags to prevent leaking, because all your trash HAS TO COME HOME WITH YOU!!!
Try to leave every place you visit looking BETTER than when you arrived! 
If you are at an event, and the event is leave no trace
and you happen to see a dumpster

5. Say Hello!!!
Meet your neighbors! Meet the crew!! Say hello!!! 
Be part of the family. 
Your participation depends only on you! 

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  1. Agreed. And we would love for you to be a part of our family so please abide by the rules... Every cigarette butt you drop is another and another and another that I gotta pick up or my brother has to pick up or my sister. I hate picking up a thousand little cigarette butts after a party, pick up your own. Please😘