Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goa Gil Spring Time Shazaaam!

Goa Gil
Spring Time Shazaam! 
Get your oomplops together.

What is an oomplop anyway? 

Oomplops are very very special forms of currency.
Oomlops are deposited under your name, in the Akashik records. 
You can earn oomplops by doing good deeds.
For example, helping your elderly neighbors grocery shop, or giving a stranger a ride to the party...
Of course, the more "out of your way" you have to go to help another person
the more oomplops you get! 
and of course, the BEST way to earn oomplops is to help create a beautiful, open, psychedelic space for people to come enjoy the freedom of their minds to delicious musics. 

Once you have a pile of oomplops, you can spend them!
Spending oomplops is soooo fun! 
Because you can use oomplops to gently bend the laws of physics! 
Are those scary looking rain clouds about to pass over our dance floor? 
No! Use those oomplops! Move those clouds! 
Forgot a critical piece of wood for the DJ table?
That's OK! Use your oomplops to help it stand on three legs!

Now get ready...set....and......

(i.e. cheaper pre-sales are available til Thursday evening)

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