Friday, April 19, 2013

How Wierd Line up!!!!!

An Intergalactic Federation Star Ship has been monitoring our activities and communications.
And even though we live in a pre time warp society.......they are prepared to MAKE CONTACT! 
Set your clocks to 12pm April 28th! How Weird is where it will all go down! The Ship will open, and out will pour inter galactic melodies so pleasant and mind tingling they will compel you to bring it aaaalllll the way down to the ground and pop that shit back up!!! Uhhhh!!

Clickie on the links to hear awesome music from our artists.
I realize that not everyone has a link check back soon!
I hear Parus is in the process of making a brand spanking new soundcloud page!  
12:00 Sour
1:30 Xipil
2:15 Liam Shy
3:00 LeoHawk
3:45 Amber
4:30 Fractal Cowboys   
5:20 Parus
6:10 Bodhi
6:55 KINDZAZA!!!!

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