Monday, May 6, 2013



Hey all.
We love you.
We want you to have the most amazing time ever at Goa Gil this year.
I mean....Gil is 62 after all! 
Lets enjoy every Gil moment to the max together~

To accomplish this Goal, please take a minute to answer some questions below.

How do you feel about the Middletown spot? free polls 

Pick One. free polls 

Please add any additional comments you have regarding the location to the comments section.
Also, if you have negative feedback, it would be great to know why!
Supplement your poll taking with an anonymous comment or a private message to me!


There might be a Goa Gil Interview soon comprised of questions sent in by YOU!
Don't be shy!
If you have a question for Gil, post it in the comments!

Tickets at
(okay so...I realize that if you want to buy just a car camping pass its not possible to do so right now. I will fix this issue later today)

Party Babas was at Mindshare all weekend! We had a blast! Our Mindshare Party Review is coming soon!

Now that you have obviously taken the Poll's above
( no more pre oomplops)

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