Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pre-Gil Madness Baby!

Will someone please explain how it is Thursday already? 

This whole week has been flying by....with so very much going on....

Security and Gate 

We have once again decided to go with High Rock Security  .
We used HRS back in October, to run the gate from Midnight til Gil ended. 
This was awesome for Party Babas, because everyone who has organized a gathering knows how difficult it is to staff the Gate after midnight. Also, at this particular location the Gate is a bit far from the sound, so it is not very much fun in the wee hours of the night all alone to be out there.
Also, using HRS gives us the peace of mind of knowing that there is always someone at the gate, at night, and on Sunday. 
Generally, as a Party Babas policy, we don't staff the gate on Sunday after the party breaks even. This is know...your belief that everyone should enjoy the event as much as possible, and our favorite time to play is Sunday day time. 
The issue is, this location is just too close to civilization for that. There are neighbors that can stop by, as well as random people passing by. 

HRS are Professionals. 
They are amazing at what they do.
Please follow all of their instructions. 

Oh also, when you hire HRS, you have pay for additional walkie talkies, which are like, the Super Pro kind. you can hear someone talking to you from the gate, even on the dance-floor. 
We are for sure getting some extra ones. 
Walkies will be carried by: the front gate, the medic, the sound, HQ, and HQ back up. 

First Aid

We are also having HRS provide us with Medics. 
I am pretty sure everyone at this point knows our awesome Cosmic Care and first aid provider Dave. 
He has been with us through some of the doozies, providing you with the best possible attention and care in your sensitive state. 
This time we decided to go with HRS, mostly because the price is good, and we wanted to try them out. prepared to give us your comments post Gil!  

AdAstra Sound

We are super duper excited to have AdAstra Sound (Valik and Eric) provide the sound system.
They will be bringing Adamson tops with well hung Danley subwoofers.


We are very happy to have Alex and Olya creating some custom deco pieces for us~ : ) 
You all know we love us some dance floor shade. 
We got these very useful tarpy type things for shade, that work super well. 
But they are sort of not that cute. 
So Alex and Olya have taken on the huge task of making the shade pretty!!!

Also....I hear there is a generous soul who will be donating some Luke Brown tapestries/prints. 


Yes yes I know, you are very sad that you did not get a car camping pass. 
Party Babas are going up to the land this Sunday to do a real good job of counting out car camping spots. 
IF we can fit more cars in this limited space, I will post a car camping link on MONDAY on this blog. 
This will be the ONLY place where the link will be posted, if at all. 


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