Thursday, May 9, 2013

Location, Location, Location

The rumor mill has been HOT HOT HOT lately.

So many good things to gossips abouts.....where to start?

When we all first saw the Middletown spot, we fell in love with it. To us, it was perfection.
True there were MAJOR downfalls, like trash everywhere. So so so much trash.
Over the last few years, we spend hundreds of dollars cleaning it all up, and we arent even finished yet!

We had big plans for this year! One of our fellow Babas was thinking about purchasing a property interest in this land. We all worked super hard on beautification, thinking that we would soon have a location we could use freely.

First things First
Gil will happen in Middletown in May.

But that will probably be the last electronic music event on this space.

In a nutshell, we received an email from Neighbor. Neighbor had some concerns. I wont re-post the whole email because it is really long, but here are some highlights:

" I want to express my concerns regarding the rave's ecologic impact to our beloved creek... There are hundreds of tadpoles, newts, salamanders, snakes, birds, bugs and frogs.  We also see egg sacks with hundreds of little lives yet to happen.  This wildlife lives in the shallow waters of the creek, easily trampled by human feet.  Just *one* person walking through the river could easily kill hundreds by stepping on one egg sack. * Hundreds* of people converging all at once will have a devastating impact.....
Money may let somebody legally own a piece of land.  But, we live here and we love this land. We know the nooks and crannies and the names of the trees and the calls of the animals and the bends in the river.  We don't want outsiders who don't understand to intrude and do damage to our beloved anymore than the native americans wanted the white man to come in.........."

Neighbor hasnt really met us before. But Neighbor is open to understanding, and meeting us, and learning more. I seriously mean that. So lets see this as an opportunity to share what we do with someone new, who obvously deeply cares about this special location

So please, write Neighbor an email response!
Send me it to me gilnessisgoodness at gmail dot com
I will make sure Neighbor gets it. 

But really, it is responses like this which make having an event anywhere near civilization so difficult, not only for us, but for the landowners who have a long term relationship with their neighbors. The particular Awesome Person who owns the Middletown spot feels this way as well.

So Middletown will still be around and available for smaller gatherings of chill out music.
Maaaaaayyyyybeeee something small here and there.

(and yes, this means that the Mubali and Guiseppe party will not be in Middletown < --- that's a rumor solved)

So what can you expect for the location of the Gil party in October?
Well, right now we are looking at a real down southern cali spot.
We will go way up north.

But either way....expect to be driving MUCH further away! 


  1. Oh man how ridiculous is this person!?!

  2. Although it might seem that way, the ecological concerns are valid. Lets respond as a community in a positive way and explain our vision to someone new!

  3. Maybe we can work on a symbiotic coexistence between the wild life of the creek and the attendees. For example section off an area of the creek using tiki torches or ground flags. Also inform the attendees that beyond the designated area is restricted for wild life preservation?

    1. Thank you Yuske! That is a great idea!