Friday, May 10, 2013

Great Work Team! (Neighbor Responds)


 I really appreciate everyone's comments in response to the Email from Neighbor. 

And guess what? 

Neighbor appreciates our responses too. 

Here is an bit from our latest communication from Neighbor: 

"When I said I was open to reassuring words I meant it and I do feel reassured. I appreciate you guys going above and beyond to address not only my concerns but reaching out to the community to ask for feedback on others concerns.   I have sent your contact info to the other locals so hopefully they will open communication with you  if they still feel the need."

So Really, here is the Dilly. 

Other neighbor concerns include people getting lost and accidentally trespassing on their property. This mostly occurs when people drive past the entrance to the gathering. I think that we will try to combat this by putting up more signs on the road leading into the party. 

Another concern that I know was expressed last year was reckless driving. Mind you.....we did not actually have reports of people driving recklessly, but it is always a concern. Especially because there are a lot of horsies and other animals on the please obey all signs and drive SLOW once you pull off the freeway. 

In regard to the ecological concerns: 

1) Every time we have done an event here, my personal main concern is keeping as many cars OFF of the land as possible. This is why we have a limited number of "car camping spots" available on site. I said "car camping" because sometimes people just want to pay the $10 to get their car closer, but don't actually camp next to it, which is fine. 
As always, car camping is in the last large field on the right before the potties. 
There are a total of 35 car camping spots available. 
But about half of those have already been purchased.
So if you want to car camp/have your car closer, buy a car camping pass TODAY. 
2) The Creek. We will be posting some signs around the creek, asking people to not recklessly wander around. There will be an "approved creek space"....for splashing and playing and enjoying. 

3) Trash. This is a Leave No Trace event. So...leave no trace. In fact, try to leave your camp site better than how you found it. is the end of the party and you have no room for your are some tips: 
  • Lots of trash usually means you have eaten all your food and drank all your beers. Therefore, open up your cooler, make sure its empty, and put your trash inside. 
  • Tie your trash down to the top of your car. Borrow some rope from the crew if you don't have any. Since we are less than 10 minutes away from Middletown, this is a great solution. Just stop by town to unload your trash and dispose of it properly before heading for home. 
  • Ask the people camping next to you if they have room.
  • Find someone with a flat bed truck. Ask that person if they have room. 
  • As a last resort, come talk to a Party Baba. 
As you can see, there are many options, NONE of which include just leaving your trash at the campsite. 

We are also always open to more suggestions about how to improve everyone's experience!

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