Tuesday, May 28, 2013



Party Babas had a really amazing time, and we hope you did as well! 
Four group of people left trash. We know who you are.
Prepare for spankings. 

Send us your pictures and video! We would love to post it!
gilnessisgoodness at gmail dot com 

We are, of course, VERY sad to say goodbye to this beautiful land!
The creek! The moss! All the wildlife!
It really is one of the most beautiful locations to have a gathering. 

We did kind of burn it out though. 
And I think that this is an important lesson for other party organizers as well.
 Obviously there are neighbors. 
This was our fourth event at this location.
The first one...they had no idea what was going on, so there was almost no response.
Second one....we contacted a bunch of the neighbors, put them up in hotels, spoke with the police department to manage sound complaints, ect. 
Third one...a lot more neighbors complained. Cops came out like....a lot. Maybe five or six times at night and during the day as well. 
And this last one....oh boy....
on Friday
a bunch of hot hot firefighters came by to say hello
(and mostly to check for fire safety) 
along with the Sheriff, District Supervisor, and Zoning Board 
I guess there was some regular PTA meeting or something, and one of the parents heard about "the rave in the woods" and was wondering "where their teenagers are gonna be" 

To me, this is pretty interesting. 
Overall, it demonstrates how, even though we spoke with all the neighbors, and put a bunch of them up in hotels, ect.....the word of the event spread far beyond where it could be heard. It became an issue for the Middletown community.
Now...once all our Visitors saw how beautifully we had been caretaking the land, and ALL the work we put in weed waking to prevent fire danger, as well as our professional nice set up, it dispelled any negative notions about us and what we do.

With a more "underground" style event, we usually dont worry about these kinds of concerns.
but Goa Gil is not so underground anymore I think...
so this is an issue we must consider. 

I tried to address some of these issues on our website, oomplops.com, and I know that the neighbors that did read it were grateful to learn more about us. 

By the end of the event...
We got a few offers from other locals who live in a more remote location 
and we heard about a lot of amazing properties for sale

so who knows...
maybe we will be back in Middletown in the fall
(just not the exact same spot!) 

Look for our next blog post..
about Gil retiring...


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  1. Whatever,.. the land may be beautiful and an easy drive BUT for psytrance no land is good enough if it can't turn it up. Psytrance needs to be danced and heard loud, clear, and felt from the head to the balls because the music works the chakras. And the magic won't work at low volume. Just won't.