Monday, February 25, 2013

Production Meeting Memoires

We had a nice production meeting the other day. 
So certain things are "for real". 

Intergalactic Prophylactic Krewe
"Saving the Universe since Planck Time"

Will be piloting the Starship "(insert name)"  on an intergalactic journey of the mind. Come play. 

Ran Droid, Q, Dylalien and I spent some time working out the design for our starship. Q even took meeting minutes...just because we are all pro like that and all. 

What you see below is a markup of the design. The DJ table will be on the ground. Behind the DJ table we are constructing an elevated stage (with steps on either third or something...) 
We think that this sort of a stage layout design is fun and unique. 

We will also be constructing a Captains Chair and a work station complete with a view screen. The background of the stage will be painted sets. And of course, there are all the details that make it worth it, like railings, the right accessorizing, ect....Overall, we are pretty excited and eager to get to work. 

Our plan is to have two background pieces painted, and the dj table and captains chair constructed by the end of March. 

We are also looking for people to donate a few items: long pieces of red fabric, blue fabric, any white, blue, or red house paint, black stretchy fabric, spray paint in any colors especially gold and silver, LED lights (especially singles), old flat screen monitors (preferably barely working but broken is okay too). 

Anyone who wants to help with construction can email gilnessisgoodness at gmail dot com. 

Aaand anyone who wants to attend a painting party, held either March 9th or 10th can pretty much do the same me! 

Anyone who would like to kindly donate some monies to make our dreams come true for you, just PayPal it to travainholland at yahoo dot com. 

And speaking of money....
We are in the process of working out dates for Saturday or Sunday daytime fundraiser on treasure island. More on that in the next few days....

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