Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hello, Universe!

We are Party Babas. 
Dedicated to creating community dance floor coincidences of the highest caliber. 
Party Babas are currently involved in creative collaboration and creation of three events; The Northern California Goa Gil Gathering, in May and October, and a stage at How Weird Street Fair in San Francisco, CA. 
We have decided to collaboratively blog our adventures. 

On the horizon....working together with our friends and family as the Intergalactic Prophylactic Party Krewe, to create a stage at How Weird. The festival theme this year is Mardi Gras, complete with parades and marching bands that will interact with the independent stages. 

Also....pre-production has begun for the Memorial Day Goa Gil gathering. More on that later....  


  1. Sounds good. Would be nice to hear some artists from around the world like the good old days. No offense local guys, but time to use the global connections that are at hand and enlighten the people with new tracks that we cant here at home on any given weekend.