Saturday, February 9, 2013

How Weird Fundraising

Dylalien and I had a mini meeting for How Weird last night. The meeting went like this....

Me: "So.....can I have some of the How Weird money for the stage?"
Dylalien: "What How Weird money?"


Dont get me wrong. How Weird does provide a small amount of skrilla to each stage, but it is barely enough to cover the sound system and stage rental. The last couple of years, we sort of threw some cash together last minute, and build our stage design the day before. This year we actually have some time to put together something really special.
This year we are going back to a kind of inter-galactic spaceship of freaks inspired by Star Trek look. The concept is to built a "set", more like something you would see in a theater, with painted panels (8x4 ply sheets) as the background pieces. I also want to construct a Captains Chair, and some stations. I was sort of thinking of a two tier stage, with the DJ on the "lower deck" and a "upper deck" with star ship officers diligently working to plot our course. I also want to include interactive components that light up, beautiful costumes (the whole enchilada, if you will).

For this, we need to raise some money. I think that $500 will cover it.

But, alas, how to raise $500?

Some things that we are considering include: Il Pirata on a wed, happy camp, setting up an account that people can just donate to, going somewhere to sell something?

We still have a little time to decide.  So please, give me your input! I would love to hear it.

Oh....and as to the line up.....
we have something SO FUCKING INSANE in the works right now....I cant even think about it without wetting myself. Seriously. I am not just saying that. Once you hear the line up, you will scream. The orgasmic kind of scream.
For real yo.


  1. We should do a daytime party on Treasure Island at Fat Grape winery. The owner supports electronic music and he'd probably be interested to have a lot of people over, so he could sell his wine (We had a party there before(Boombox affair)with around 120-150 people). We could ask for $5-7 donation at the gate (the place has a large outdoor fenced area), or sell $15 tickets which will include a 'wine ticket', which will be good for a glass of fine wine (he usually sells $7 per glass, but i am sure we can convince him to sell as cheaper). We can also make BBQ ... many options.

  2. Kickstarter. Post drawings of plans. I bet you could get $500 in no time.