Monday, May 5, 2014

thank you allll!!!!!

Thank you everyone who came out to dance!!! Yesterday was insane!
Big shout out to the set up crew!!! We set up the whole stage and then had to move it over five feet or so to the right because of the fire lane (even tho our previous set up plan was approved many times). So in total Party Babas fashion we got together and lifted the entire set up and carried it over!!
Hopefully next year we can be in a new location so we can set up bigger and better sound for all of you!!!
Special thanks to Valentine and Eric and Yohan for going abovr amd beyond with the sound!!
And thanks to Claudia, Gabby, and Katia for all their painting awesomeness!!!!
And the school of the arts in sf for letting us borrow your awesome paper mache monster creatures!!!! ( those were the big round ones!)
And thank youuuu all for coming to dance!!!!!!

On a side note, oomplop is running reallly slowely so check back here in a bit for gil updates!

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