Friday, May 9, 2014

Goa Gil Meme CONTEST!!

Party Babas is proud to announce
our first ever
Goa Gil Meme Contest!

The winner will receive FREE ADMISSION to Goa Gil's Double Rainbow! 

Rules and Info 
1. Create your own original Goa Gil Meme
2. You must include: a picture of Gil and some text 
3. Contest runs May 9th to May 16th!
4. Winner will be announced May 18th! 
5. Email all submission to before midnight on the 16th. 

The memes will be judged by the Party Babas crew.
This is not a photoshop contest, although we will base our decision partially on visual appeal. 
High points will be awarded for funny memes. 

We will also be posting the submission here! 

and have 

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