Thursday, August 21, 2014

Goa Gil Birthday Happiness Dance Time!

Hey Guys!!
Party Babas here with a quickie icky sticky

Well, Stone Bear River Campgrounds has been sold through a bank auction to, we heard, REI.
So, this is probly not an option anymore.

We know you guys love that spot and we will try to get in touch with the new owners about the possibility of doing events there but uhh...corporations, you know?  They are like Cuthulu in the happy zone.

We are currently spot scouting!  And eating lasagna, but the lasagna is kind of irrelevant.
We checked out an amazing location last weekend, and we will be seeing two more this week!

The spot we checked out is amazing, 2.5 hours north from SF. 
There are campsites and swimming!

A few of us are also heading out to BM );(

Come find us and get a really awesome flyer designed by 
and beautiful

Ticket prices go up on Monday, and again at the Gate. 
If you want car camping, email me gilnessisgoodness@gmail 

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