Monday, February 24, 2014

A little more info about How Weird....

Been working hard Brainstorming up a storm for the Spacey Whale to descend to Earth upon. 

The plan is to create an under water outer space environment that envelops you once you turn the corner. 

One of our major concerns is the construction on 2nd street. It spans the right hand sidewalk and about half the street and last year, we found that it interfered with the way we wanted to set up the stage and speakers, in terms of spacing. 

This year we are going to address this issue by flipping the stage. The DJ booth will be at the beginning of Minna instead of at the end (by the construction). So the back of the DJ booth will be to 2nd and the front will be facing the construction. 
That way all you wonderful people that come to dance dont have to look at construction all day. 
And we also believe that it will create a more enclosed dance floor!

Ok so! How will we create our environment? 

I found this cool idea online for hanging upside down ballons  
I am thinking a bunch of black and dark blue ones to create an "outer space" feel. 
But wait...arent there like...planets and stars in outer space! Why yes! There are. 
And we want to make some of those too. Planets!  Stars!  The internet can show you how to make anything and its amazing!!!! 
We will also be making nests of cosmic energy! These nests provide nourishment to our spacey whale!
See! This is an actual one that I made...that green cord this is like...a cord..not attached to the nest. But anyway, sweet huh? 

We are also going to make a bunch of free standing Friends, that you can take a picture with. For the Spacey Whale...we would like to cut him out of something light weight enough to hang. Generally we make things out of sheets of ply, but that's waaay too heavy to hang. 

We are looking for input!
What material can we use? 
Is there a type of plastic that will work? 
We need it to be light weight and shatter proof. Able to be cut with a circular saw, or other type of "at home" equipment.

Aside from our kickstarter we are also looking for donations of paint, yarn, glue! 
Join a Party Babas crafty session! 
Send me an email or a message for more info! 
The Spacey Whale thanks you for your contribution!

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  1. Lovely ideas! Spacey Whale, stage-flipping, upside-down balloons, and nests of cosmic energy! I'm down.