Monday, September 16, 2013

Listen. Pause. Playback. Repeat.

Hey Everyone!

Gil is getting closer and closer....and we are getting more and more excited~ YAY!

I dont really know how many more times, and different mediums I could use to spread this message, but seriously, the Goa Gil Birthday Bash, and the venue are LEAVE NO TRACE.
This is not just good sense.

We will be off of highway 80, in the mountains. Not hills. MOUNTAINS.
You know who else likes to spend time in the mountains? BEARS!
Not Dancing Bears.
Not a Bear Hug.
I am talking about real life, fuck you up, bears.

The Venue where we will be holding the event is very conscious about their environmental impact on the land, AND on the territory and natural migratory patterns of the local bear population. In order to create a safe space for us AND the bears, the Venue has a very strict LEAVE NO TRACE policy.
This is the only way to keep this beautiful location Bear Free.
I am not kidding.
Bears pass through this beautiful land. Then they LEAVE because there is nothing for them to eat.


I know that when you show up and check out the space, you will feel like you are in a super nice resort where you dont have to worry about this kind of thing. But seriously. You do. LEAVE NO TRACE.

When you are walking around...taking a hike...swimming in the river...and you bring snacks, bring a TRASH BAG for your trash. YES, I mean food scraps as well. DO NOT THROW FOOD SCRAPS ON THE GROUND. 


It will likely be pretty damn cold at night, and super nice during the day. 
There are some fire pits on site and we will inquire as to whether or not we can use them.
However...there are like 11 fires burning through California right now, so I am going to lean towards a NO.
NEVER leave a fire or camp stove unattended.
NEVER throw a cigarette butt on the ground.
ALWAYS keep all camp stoves elevated.

Hopefully I will post a little map of the location site soon.
A lot of people are wondering what the layout is.

Well....Once you drive in you will be greeted by the Welcome Committee and Gate Crew.
Please have your paypal receipt ready! All you need is a print out.

IF you reserved a car camping/RV spot, YOU MUST PRINT out your receipt and bring it with you as well. THERE WILL BE NO "EXTRA" CAR CAMPING SPOTS. YOU MUST RESERVE A SPOT AND PAY IN ADVANCE.

IF YOU SHOW UP IN AN RV (without letting me know) you will be paying $25, AND you will NOT be in the car camping area. You will be in general parking. I bet you wont be too happy about that. Best to just email me and get your space reserved now!

It seems like every gathering I have to make some exception for a large vehicle full of people.
Guess what...I will NOT be making any exceptions. Lucky for us there is TONS AND TONS of parking space. So if you show up without a car camping pass, and you cant camp without your car you will be camping in the parking lot. End of story. Avoid this tragic situation by EMAILING ME at gilnessisgoodness at gmail dot com

And now something to be really excited about....
There is drinking water on site! It is amazing ancient drinking water from aquifers deep in our planet. Enjoy! 

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