Monday, August 12, 2013

October 5, 2013

Party Babas are rested and refueled. 
Now we are awakening from our Winter (aka SF Summer) Nap.

And not a moment too soon.
How is it mid August already? 

As we begin our Birthday preparations...
I will be keeping you informed and up to date. 
As always, Party Babas are all about creating a community experience. 

So email, comment, call...whichever! Get in touch!
It's a little early to sign up to volunteer, BUT  it is the perfect time to contact me if you would like to offer a service, have a booth, or teach a class. 

Technically speaking, we are in the heavy planning stages.
Currently we are searching for an amazing location where we can BLAST the sound. 

We have two locations in mind, both new. We will be driving up to check out at least one of these locations this week.  Both of these locations are North of San Francisco, although one of them is kind of more North-East.
We hope to get our locations dialed in before Burning Man.
I will post pictures of the possible locations, and more information as it comes in.
In the meantime, we are open to suggestions.
Do you own some remotely located land? Do you want to host us? Do you have any other recommendations? 

That's all for now kids.....more to come soon....

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