Tuesday, July 9, 2013

*Yawn* Good Morning

Good Morning.
Party Babas are just waking up from their post Memorial Meltdown nap. 
We needed a nice long one after such a fantastic effort! 

Want to know what we have been up to?
Here it is...

We made multiple trips up to Middletown for take down. 
And guess what? 
We are gonna make one more trip to take down the shamiana frame and the headquarters shade. 
I hear Chillits had a nice time borrowing those items for shade a few weekends ago.
Sharing is caring. 

We have also decided to stick with oomplops.com as our permanent website. 
So make sure you got that bookmarked. Your party specific info will be posted there. 

Another great way that you can receive event specific communications, as well as random tidbits of happiness is by joining our brand spanking new mailing list
partybabas at oomplop dot com 
Send an email to that address to join the list. 
Then check you spam folder. 

Now that all the housecleaning is out of the way, we are happy to announce
OCTOBER 5th 2013 
Northern California 

We all enjoyed Middletown, but now Party Babas is on the hunt for an October location. 
Sadly the Dry Creek Road/Middletown spot is no longer an option. 
Prior to the Memorial Meltdown we had a very nice visit from the Fire Department, Police Department, Board of Supervisors and Zoning. 
All Middletown officials were compassionate, kind, and open to our vision.
It was nice to know that our fire safety plan was excellent and approved. 
However...there are a ton of neighbors that have been dealing with us for the past two years, and they need a break! Middletown is generally very open to events, camp outs, and retreats, but they want us to go through the proper procedures to get a permit. The thing is...the really easy to get available festival permits don't allow all night amplified sound. We could get a specific land use permit, but this process requires a 30 day time period for the community to weigh in. 
We know that we have a lot of support from some of the Middletown community.
Others...not so much. 
It is my honest opinion that if we did decide to get a permit, we would succeed. But at the same time, I dont think that it would feel right. I can only assume that the nice Dry Creek Road neighbors moved out there to get a little peace and quiet. 
We want to respect the community.
And we want to blast our sound system full power. 
So on to new locations we go! 

That means we want to hear from YOU!
What are YOUR favorite party spots?
Comment and let us know!

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