First Gil Party? Click here!

Are you about to attend your first Goa Gil party?
If the Answer is yes....keep reading!

If this is your first Goa Gil party AND your first outdoor music camp out type event, please also read over "Outdoor Events: How To"

We will try to help get you prepared by answering some FAQ!

1. When will you release the line up?  We are gonna do it right now. Are you ready? It is...Ariane followed by....Goa Gil.

2. What is the time frame for the music? The music begins around sunset on Saturday, and ends after Sunset on Sunday (roughly 24 hours).

3. What is the flow of the event? Generally speaking, Ariane and Goa Gil might do some African drumming or play some other live instrument (time permitting). Then Ariane will play some primarily beatless tribal inspired music. Then Goa Gil will play, usually starting right after the sun goes down.

4. What time can you arrive/leave? Please check the event page as the date gets closer to the event. Generally speaking, the gate opens around 3pm on Saturday. You are also welcome to camp out on Sunday night, but everyone must clean their campsite and be gone by Monday.

5. Personal Recommendation: Everyone has their "favorite" part of the party, usually defined as a part of day (Saturday night, Saturday late night, Sunday sunrise, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, Sunday Late afternoon, Sunday evening, and Sunday bananas time). Don't burn out too early!   

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