Thursday, September 7, 2017

October 7th Goa Gil's Birthday and Pajama party

oomplops available at the gate.  great weather.

We are excited to be gathering at the end of summer for Goa Gil's Birthday!
We will be dancing at a great location, with lots of camping, and excellent facilities. Mums the word on the location, but expect to travel 140 miles East of San Francisco ( near Jackson, Ca).
Keep in mind, Gates open at 2pm on Saturday.

Please note, it is very dry...
No personal fires.
Smoke and dispose of your cigarettes responsibly
if you use cooking stoves, they must be elevated.

directions will be sent out to the mailing list on Friday before the party, if you are on party babas mailing list...

Directions 415-234-1243

 oomplops...l They will be available at the gate as well.

Interested in Finding out about the scholarship oomplops, for people who qualify, which are available until the 15th of September?  

Gates will open Saturday Octboer 8th @ 2pm.  

If you want to arrive with an Early arrival Pass, they are available at the link above.  Early arrival gates are open Friday October 7th, from noon - 10pm.  Please do arrive during this time, as the gates will not be open outside of this time.

What kind of Pajamas will you wear to the party?   

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