Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Cosmic Wiggle!!!: Goa Gil's Birthday Party 2018

We are excited to announce Goa Gil's Birthday Party coming up at the end of the Summer, October 6th.

We will be dancing at a great location, with lots of camping, and excellent facilities. Mums the word on the location, but expect to travel 140 miles East of San Francisco ( and then expect many more travels upon arrival).
More information will be available shortly, in the meantime, have a great summer.

For those of you interested in Early Bird Oomplops,
They are available so get yours today.
Click here!

*an oomplop is the golden ticket that you need to get into the best party in the universe!  third best in the multiverse... its just there are two other ones in other universes, that Goa Gil plays at, that are a little bit better, but really, its due to different gravity settings.  (both physical and emotional)

The Name of the party is ......

It is the Cosmic Wiggle.
What is the Cosmic Wiggle?
In order to be able to understand this extremely esoteric concept you must first understand the concept of the Cosmic Giggle: 
Here is a definition from the one and only Terrence McKenna

"The main difference between our world and the world that science tells us we are living in, is that science denies the quirky freaky cosmic giggle: the high plottedness completely improbable totally quirky humor that binds everything together and makes it something other than an engine in which atoms blindly run"

The Cosmic Giggle has also been known to show up to events attended by the Giggle's cousin, Compassion. Therefore, the dancefloor will be a Compassion Cultivation zone.

Applications for scholarship oomplops are available now, check out the link (above!)

Early Arrival passes are now available.  They allow you to enter from 2pm Friday until 9pm Friday... This is great for people travelling from great distances.  <3
Brining an RV?  You can get a ticket for that as well...

I hope that if you are reading this, that you know that the happiness and healthiness you bring to the party, should not be taken for granted.
Each day, as each party, is a true gift.  And we are grateful to continue to share this awesomeness with all of you.


  1. Sounds Amazona and I'll be there! Will be such a fun time!

    1. Sounds amazing! I meant to say! 💚💚🍍