Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goa Gil Spring Time Shazaaam!

Goa Gil
Spring Time Shazaam! 
Get your oomplops together.

What is an oomplop anyway? 

Oomplops are very very special forms of currency.
Oomlops are deposited under your name, in the Akashik records. 
You can earn oomplops by doing good deeds.
For example, helping your elderly neighbors grocery shop, or giving a stranger a ride to the party...
Of course, the more "out of your way" you have to go to help another person
the more oomplops you get! 
and of course, the BEST way to earn oomplops is to help create a beautiful, open, psychedelic space for people to come enjoy the freedom of their minds to delicious musics. 

Once you have a pile of oomplops, you can spend them!
Spending oomplops is soooo fun! 
Because you can use oomplops to gently bend the laws of physics! 
Are those scary looking rain clouds about to pass over our dance floor? 
No! Use those oomplops! Move those clouds! 
Forgot a critical piece of wood for the DJ table?
That's OK! Use your oomplops to help it stand on three legs!

Now get ready...set....and......

(i.e. cheaper pre-sales are available til Thursday evening)

Monday, April 29, 2013



We had such a blast on Sunday!
Thank you to everyone who helped us make our stage such a success!!!
Marik, Valentine, Eric, Dima, Justas, Puski, Yariv, Mickey, Ralph, Leohawk, Gabby, Anna, Quasar, Noah, Rachel, Mike, Sean, Nikki and Swami, Alex and Olya, Nikon, Jason, and everyone else who contributed to make it such a success (sorry it was a good party so I don't remember everyone's names)!!!
And of course, BIG BIG THANKS to all our amazing DJs
Sour, Xipil, Liam Shy, Leohawk, Amber, Fractal Cowboys, Dog of Tears, Parus, Bodhi, and KDD!!!!
and a big big big big biiiiig

was that not enough for you? 
do you require

Okay then. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

How Wierd Line up!!!!!

An Intergalactic Federation Star Ship has been monitoring our activities and communications.
And even though we live in a pre time warp society.......they are prepared to MAKE CONTACT! 
Set your clocks to 12pm April 28th! How Weird is where it will all go down! The Ship will open, and out will pour inter galactic melodies so pleasant and mind tingling they will compel you to bring it aaaalllll the way down to the ground and pop that shit back up!!! Uhhhh!!

Clickie on the links to hear awesome music from our artists.
I realize that not everyone has a link yet.....so check back soon!
I hear Parus is in the process of making a brand spanking new soundcloud page!  
12:00 Sour
1:30 Xipil
2:15 Liam Shy
3:00 LeoHawk
3:45 Amber
4:30 Fractal Cowboys   
5:20 Parus
6:10 Bodhi
6:55 KINDZAZA!!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

How Weirding

We had an awesome work session today!

We figured out a way to attach our plexiglass to the plywood!

And...we cut out all the pieces necessary to put that together.

That was pretty much it actually.
Oh yeah, we also drank some mango mimosas and listened to good music.
It was good times all around.

Next weekend, we are making out final cuts, and having a mock assembly!
Hopefully after next weekend the only thing left to do will be painting!

Much love and Thanks!

 The weather was super awesome for Weirding <3

 See here: some measuring going down.

Base Coat paint layer on the background pieces.

the Rumor Mill!!!!!!

And today I bring you "The Rumor Mill"
addressing the most relevant and pressing rumors in the California psytrance scene...

1) Will there be a Red Marines Festival this Summer?

There has been a rumor that there is NO RM Festival this summer. I can confirm for you today that this is correct!
But it is nothing to be sad about. In fact, rejoice!!!!!! We will be welcoming a beautiful Trancer Baby into our fold this summer! The Parents, who are crucial to the RM organizing, will be taking some time off to welcome their Little One into the world!
However, there WILL be an outdoor festival put on by Red Marines in September of 2013. So we all have that to look forward to.
Also Red Marines Festival will likely be back in the Summer of 2014.

but do not fear! there will be an event held this year on the beautiful Red Marines Land. I am of course, speaking about Mindshare brought to us by the beautiful Shady Ladies! See Facebook or the Official Website for more information.

2) Will Amber rock it out at How Weird?

3) Who is the Special International Guest?

I bet you all can guess this one.
Place your guess in the Comments!

and Coming later today.......pictures from our HW work session today!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Weird line up and Goa Gil Musings

Greetings all!
Sorry for the delay in posting! Things have been insane over here at the Party Babas HQ!
First off....Fractal Cowboys out in Germany in early May, rocking it out for all the Germans.
The promo for the parties out there was amazing!
How amazing is this flyer design? It kind of reminds me of a Star Wars x Wild Wild West x Independence Day.

We also rocked it out hard at Xexify: an amazing Mohave experience brought to us by Dog of Tears, and at the Kindzaza party two weekends after. The two Mohave events were great, and really highlighted the the idea that the music/line should be determined based on location! location! location!!!

Alien Mental started around 3 am, as did KDD.
For Xexify, it was cold, but not "where are my nipples? did they run away?" kind of cold. Alien Mental played fast, but easy to dance to music. It kept the energy up, and the people moving.
KDD also started at 3 am, but the weather was sooo different. It was freezing, and windy. Like playa style winds the whole night. His set was also very good, very methodical and technical, very.....thought inducing over all, I would say. I actually saw KDD the weekend before indoors in SF and I found his outdoor set to be a little more difficult to dance to. I think that it was the combination of the cold, the wind, the music, and the fact that it was 3 am.Or...maybe its just that I am not that tough? and I should toughen up? and BRAVE the cold! and the wind! and the dust! and...and.....well whatever. I'm not doing that.
I am very interested to hear from people that went to both (or either) Mohave parties. How did you all feel about the flow of the line ups, and what are your thoughts about weather affecting the dancefloor/line up?  

Anyway...soo all of these parties are fresh in my mind as we try to figure out our How Weird line up.
Things I am thinking about: day time, sunny then shady, lots of diverse people out and about.......The last two years we had a "tag team" theme, where every DJ had to tag team. It was like...super fun.
So....for our possibilities, it looks like :
A Super Special international guest (who we are in the process of getting some plane tickets for so...you know...more on that in a bit)
The wonderful, amazing, and brilliant Amber will be vising from Portland for the HW weekend. She is going to DJ the night before at Mer-Ka-Ba and we are hoping that we can kidnap her! (We will be kidnapping LeoHawk and Sour, already).
Fractal Cowboys  , fresh off of their German Adventures, will be playing a WestPsy set, which is really something to look forward to! It will be a phat mix of trance and old school west coast style beats and samples.
An the ever popular Liam Shy will be joining us! We are excited to work with Liam and the Tantra folks. It really has been a while since we had done something all together.
And of course, we will have Parus! I heard a little rumor....that there will be NO red marines festival in 2013. If you go the Red Marines Website  , the event listed is Mindshare (May 3-5 bitches!!!), which is a Shady Lady Products event, being supported by the Red Marines crew. So think about that people!!!! YOU NEED to get your fix of Parus this year, so come and geeetttt ittttttt.
On that note....I kind of REALLY REALLY want to hear a Parus vs Liam Shy set!
We are also super excited to feature Bodhi ! Bodhi is like....a force of mother fucking nature!!!!!!! Not only did he orchestrate Kindzaza's entry into the US, he helped organize and inspire individuals to gather and hear KDD play all over the US (as well as the fabulous previously mentioned Mohave party)!
We will also hear from one of my besties, Dog of Tears . If you havent heard his recent tracks, you are in for a mind blowing treat. the perfect mash up sound of experimental, dirty, and psychedelic. 

We cant wait to see you all out there!
If you want to help out, just contact me! We will be hustling and bustling on the stage this weekend.

And if you are interested in tickets to Goa Gil, get your VERY limited edition Pre Sale Tickets by clicking HERE
Also....please note now.....
The parking lot is like...less than a mile from the camping area. BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO WALK IT AND HIKE IN YOUR STUFF.
Last year we provided some wheelbarrows/carts/whatever for people...but guess what......
you all would take them and then not return them.
and then it got dark and no one could find them anymore.
SO. We will put some fucking lights on the Transportation Assistance Devices.
Please return them to the FRONT GATE when finished with use. Yes, all the way back to the front gate.
If you dont want to do that you can
1) arrive early. before dark. This is a SAFETY issue. The road into the party from that gate is only wide enough for ONE car. Therefore, if you want to DRIVE YOUR CAR past the gate, get in before dark.
2) buy yourself a car parking pass. These will be $10. and they WILL run out. We have tried, in the past, to have a first come first serve kind of a deal with parking on site, but it really doesnt work. Having all these cars drive on our little dirt road really impacts the land. It creates potholes, and people run over all of our little lights, and smash into nature....and all those things cost time and money to clean up. Note that you will have an ASSIGNED parking location, so if you want to park on site and camp with your friends...maybe drop me an email and let me know.
3) If you have a disability, and need to be close to the dancefloor, PLEASE EMAIL ME EARLY to let me know. Even the on site parking is a short walk from the dancefloor. We will give SPECIAL permission for those individuals who have limited mobility to drive closer in, accompanied by a Party Volunteer. But you have to contact me in advance. I'm serious. I wont be able to do much when I get an email on May 22nd asking about special accommodations.
4) if you have a big ass fucking car, you will have to buy a car parking pass. Like, no matter where you park. By big ass fucking car I guess I mean an RV, or.......a really big truck. you know who I am talking about. the guy with like...the REALLY REALLY big truck. you gotta buy a parking pass pal!

Okay! I am out! More updates this weekend!